Motor Sport Loans – Low Loan Rates and Flexible Financing Terms

MotorSportLoan is dedicated to providing competitive financing programs for powersport enthusiasts nationwide. Our 20 plus years experience in recreational finance have given us the resources to provide a wide variety of programs for a broad number of vehicles and credit profiles. Our staff is made up of industry professionals who share your passion and are eager to make your purchase easy and enjoyable.

Servicing Motorsports Vehicle Owners Since 2002

MotorSportLoan was founded by riders who wanted to create a place where enthusiasts could finance the new or used vehicle of their dreams regardless if they were buying from a private party, auction, broker or dealership. Our flexible finance programs will even allow you to purchase from another state. A big part of the riding experience is freedom. At MotorSportLoan you will have the freedom to not only decide what you want to buy, but also where and from whom.

Flexible Financing Options

Whether your interested in a Motorcycle, UTV or ATV (or all three!), we can customize a program to fit your needs. If your goal is to get the lowest possible payment, we can offer long terms up to 144 months. If you would prefer to pay off the loan quickly we can structure a short term loan to accommodate your payoff goal. Either way, all of our loans are offered with no prepayment penalty. This will give you the control to either payoff the loan early or sell the vehicle without liability for future interest. You will only pay interest for the days that the loan is open. In addition to flexible terms, we also offer flexible underwriting. Our programs are designed for a variety of credit profiles. If your credit is good, bad or somewhere in between, we look forward to getting you on the ride of your dreams with a program that will fit you like a (riding) glove!

Taking the Hassle Out of the Loan Process

Once you’ve applied, your application will go to an underwriter to match your credit profile with the best program available. A loan officer will then contact you to review the terms of the loan. If you decide to proceed, we will contact the seller to coordinate getting them paid and transfer ownership into your name. The only thing that you will need to do is sign the loan documents and coordinate picking up your motorcycle, ATV or UTV.